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Commercial Renovation Contractor In Singapore

Industrior Design is a trusted general contractor specialising in a wide range of renovation services.

Our professionals at Le Industrior Design do everything in-house, which allows us to maintain a high standard and ensure that all projects meet the expectations and requirements of our clients. Our team of highly experienced commercial renovation contractors has all the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to perform quality renovation work. You can trust us to bring your ideal interior vision to life.

What makes Le Industrior Design Singapore stand out from others is our understanding of the high costs commonly associated with commercial renovation. It is common knowledge that commercial renovations can come with a hefty price tag, but we strive to constantly deliver projects that is in line with our client’s budget.

We approach each project with a personalised strategy and provide a consultation period. During which, our project manager and drafters can better understand the needs and preferences of our clients to come up with solutions to address any challenges. We only consider our commercial renovation work to be 100% done when the client is satisfied with the result. Feel free to learn more about our services face to face at our office located at Yu Li Industrial Building, Geylang Singapore.

Le Industrior Design Singapore

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From remodelling retail shops to reinstating the office, there is nothing that Le Industrior Singapore cannot do when it comes to commercial renovation. Our variety of renovation services encompasses many different industries. Whether you are looking to renovate a tuition centre or maximise an industrial warehouse space, our commercial renovation contractors will see that your properties and spaces are both aesthetically appealing and fully functional in the end.

View Our Past Commercial Renovation Projects

Being one of the leading commercial renovation contractors in Singapore, you might have come across our works a couple of times. We take pride in working alongside esteemed companies, such as Camden Medical Centre, Link@AMK, Pines Industrial Building, and many more. View more of our past commercial renovation works here to find out more.

Why hire a professional Commercial Contractor in Singapore?

Regardless of how small or big your renovation project is, it is always advisable to engage the expertise of an experienced commercial contractor in Singapore. Commercial renovation works come with many regulations, and it is up to the property owner or tenant themselves to adhere to various building permits, fire codes, etc. All this paperwork can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming, so hiring a commercial renovation contractor can save you much hassle and prevent you from dealing with the implications of violating any codes.

As we have managed many renovation projects in the past, we know how to navigate any renovation work without posing any harm to ourselves. We are also equipped with the appropriate insurance plans and compensation coverage to protect ourselves in the case of accidents. In addition, engaging the services of a commercial contractor is simply the most effective way to ensure a safe and non-hazardous environment.

Need help?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Le Industrior Design by emailing at enquiries@leindustrior.com. You can also visit us at our office at Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371.