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Things To Consider When Renovating Your Beauty Salon Space

Things To Consider When Renovating Your Beauty Salon Space

The beauty industry is expanding all around the world, and beauty services have never been more in-demand. We can see how many people have jumped into this industry in Singapore alone, with more and more studios and salons being opened to provide a wide range of services, from nails and eyelashes to hair and body massages. If you have been operating your business as a home-based venture for some time now, you can consider investing in a commercial space to take your business to the next level. Of course, this step is daunting and requires lots of research and planning. As a way to make the process a little easier and less stressful, we have provided a few tips on how you should proceed with renovating and decorating your future beauty salon space.


1. Design and aesthetic

Good interior design is important for any business, but particularly so for beauty salons, as people expect to be attended to in a visually appealing space. Put yourself in the shoes of a client or customer. What impressions would we have if we were to enter a dilapidated beauty salon? As such, it is completely worth it to put in a little effort to decide on a specific interior style to make the overall space welcoming for customers.

Do note that the interior design should align with your brand’s identity. For example, if you are opening a luxury salon, you might want to go with a more modern and minimalist look, prioritising clean lines, a neutral colour palette, and sleek furnishings. If you prefer your beauty salon to have a more masculine appeal, on the other hand, industrial aesthetics, such as steel and exposed concrete, can get your vision across.


2. Customer Experience

The thing about beauty salons and other businesses in the beauty industry is that it focuses heavily on customer experience. Right from when a customer books an appointment all the way to paying for the services at the end, beauty businesses have to take on a customer-centric approach in order for customers to stay loyal to them. In this aspect, you can take into consideration four main factors when planning the layout of your beauty salon: accessibility, functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. All these factors should be addressed to provide a truly one-of-a-kind customer experience that makes your business stand out.

As the beauty salon is where people come to relax and pamper themselves, creating a space that allows visitors to look and feel good would be ideal. Some ways you can do so are by incorporating nature, installing designated resting areas, and purchasing ergonomic furniture, to name a few. Honestly, be experimental with your beauty salon space and see what features to include that can optimise your business operations.


3. Future plans for the business

Have you noticed that beauty salons are offering more comprehensive services? While they may start off providing niche services, they would eventually expand to cater to more needs. Even if you do not have such plans for your business as of now, you may never know when you have the inspiration or purpose to grow your business in the future. Therefore, you might want to establish a flexible layout that allows you more opportunities to try different endeavours. A flexible layout can also enable you to continue doing your business during revamps and slight renovations.



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