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What Makes A Good Industrial Aircon Servicing Company

What Makes A Good Industrial Aircon Servicing Company

Ask any Singaporean what the number one thing they must have in their workplace is, and we can assure you that the answer would be an air conditioner. Singapore is notorious for its humidity and scorching hot weather, to the point where we could turn on the air conditioner 24/7 if we could. This is why most offices and retail shops have installed an air conditioning system in order to make workers and visitors comfortable.

While everyone should know by now that we should service our air conditioners, it is crucial to note that residential air conditioners differ from industrial and commercial air conditioners. Residential air conditioners can get away with being serviced at least once every year (if they do not operate for long hours each day), but this cannot be applied to commercial air conditioners, which have to be turned on for long periods every day.

What’s more, commercial air conditioners cater to a significantly larger area. All these make commercial air conditioners much harder to maintain and repair. As such, engaging an industrial aircon servicing company can detect and resolve any problems, lengthen the lifespan of your aircon, and help your business save on energy costs. Here are some signs of a suitable industrial aircon servicing company.


1. Offers various cleaning methods and services

Besides being a more affordable option for a company that offers comprehensive services, it guarantees convenience as you will not have to worry about seeking other service providers. What you should be looking for is an aircon servicing company that provides different cleaning methods to suit your needs, as well as other services like aircon repairs that not only treat the problems on the spot, but also prevent or reduce the chances of faults occurring.

At Le Industrior Design, our customers can choose from two types of cleaning methods: Chemical Treatment and Overhaul Treatment. Both differ from regular aircon cleaning as they get down to the nitty-gritty in removing even the toughest dirt.


2. Reasonable prices

Even though we may be tempted to go with the cheapest aircon servicing company, this is not the wisest decision as it can lead to even more problems in the long run. You get what you pay for, and if you are paying incredibly low prices, you might get low-quality service and parts. In fact, due to poor servicing, you might even be spending more money having to repair your air conditioner more frequently. Instead, opt for an aircon servicing company that offers reasonable prices yet is reputable in the industry. Servicing your air conditioner should be considered an investment, so you know you are getting experienced technicians and high-quality parts.


3. Licensed and have the right qualifications

Believe it or not, there are some technicians who target unsuspecting customers and are looking just to make quick money. This is why you should be proactive in checking each aircon servicing company to make sure they have the necessary qualifications and certifications to operate. Having a license also proves that the company can carry out its services legally and safely.


4. Good customer reviews

With social media and the internet in general, it has never been easier to check on a company’s reviews and reputation than ever before. We recommend against relying solely on the reviews displayed on the aircon servicing company’s website as they can filter out the negative ones and even edit the reviews. Therefore, it is best to research Google Reviews or head over to the company’s social media pages to read up on customers’ past experiences. A good industrial aircon servicing company should be highly rated and have few bad reviews.



Since there are many industrial aircon servicing companies in Singapore, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and choose a good one that is sure to repair and maintain your air conditioner to the highest standard. Like choosing an electrical handyman, such fixtures and fittings should leave to professionals, which is where Le Industrial Design comes in.

We are a leading commercial contractor in Singapore, offering many years of experience and expertise in managing a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. From electrical handyman services to retail store renovations, we can see to it that your property maintenance needs are taken care of. Reach out to us at to find out more.