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Electrical Contractor Price List 2022

Why should you work with our team? We are a local electrical contractor in Singapore, armed with a wide range of talents that can assist you with any residential or commercial installation or repair. Le Industrior Design is an electrical contractor team that is BCA accredited and LEW certified.

We offer professional electrical and handyman services at an affordable price.

Electrical Contractor Singapore

What you should know about Electrician and Handyman Services in Singapore

Electrician and handyman services in Singapore typically handle small fixes that do not need the services of a professional and certified tradesperson. Some of the tasks managed by electricians and handymen are minor plumbing and electrical repairs, assembling furniture, fixing up bathroom fixtures, small carpentry repairs, etc.

Replacing a broken lock on your door and repairing a loose toilet seat are just some examples of handyman duties. A handyman will often charge $50 for an hour of work.

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Rates for Electrical and Handyman Services in 2022

When we relocate to a new property in Singapore, everything is spotless and all of the moving components function flawlessly. Time, on the other hand, is a household’s worst adversary. Small parts to large parts quit operating over time due to usage.

If you want a well-functioning household, all movable parts must function properly. You can fix some of the parts yourself, but others will require electrician and handyman services, or the assistance of an expert.

Here, we will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Handyman Services Singapore (All prices inclusive of labour & transport)

Not inclusive of Material cost

Unit rate SGD
1. Replacement of Door Knob / HandleFrom $70
2. Replacement of Bedroom DoorFrom $100
3. Installation of ShelvesFrom $70
4. Installation of TV consolesFrom $80
5. Installation of TV bracketsFrom $100
6. Installation of wall-mounted fanFrom $90
7. Installation of ceiling fanFrom $100
8. Installation of chandelierFrom $100
9. Installation of mirrorsFrom $80
10. Installation of frames and picturesFrom $80
11. Assembling beds, chairs, and tablesFrom $100
Painting ServicesCheck Here
Replacement WorkUnit rate
1. Replacement of broken pipes or leakageFrom $110
2. Replacement of Sink/ Basin/ Cistern flexible hoseFrom $100
3. Replacement or installation of a toilet bowlFrom $200
4. Replacement or installation of water faucetsFrom $60
5. Replacement or installation of shower systemsFrom $80
6. Removal of basin, kitchen, or toilet bowlFrom $100
7. Replacement or installation of water heaterPrice upon asking
8. Replacement or installation of home heating unitFrom $150
9. Replacement of electrical pointFrom $60
10. Replacement of light bulbs or lighting fixturesFrom $70
Painting ServicesUnit rate
1. Painting service for a 3 room HDB$980
2. Painting service for a 4 room HDB$1280
3. Painting service for a 5 room HDB$1580
4. Painting service for a 5 room Executive HDB$1780
5. Painting service for 1 room$580
1. Supplying & installing bathroom setFrom $350
2. Supplying & installing basinFrom $200

Aside from that, there is a minimum SGD$80 charge for each trip

Note: The prices listed above are estimates; for accurate quotations, please WhatsApp photographs of the task.

DIY vs. Engaging with Electrician Handyman Services in Singapore

The easiest method to save money on home repair and maintenance jobs is to do it yourself (DIY). You can always pay someone to perform the job for you if you don’t want to get your hands filthy or aren’t confident about managing a challenging task.

Singapore offers a wide range of electrical and handyman services. An indoor and outdoor handyman’s landscaping services allow you to keep your yard neat and beautiful without raising a finger. Taking on an electrician or handyman services for your home repair and maintenance jobs might be the most cost-effective option.

Hourly Rates for Electrician and Handyman Services in Singapore

A handyman’s fees are generally determined by their level of experience. The expert and licensed handyman may be priced a little more, but never employ a handyman without a licence even if they charge less, as they may lack the complete understanding of the task and may not be able to cure your problem as well as an experienced handyman. The first hour’s charge is generally higher, and it decreases with each passing hour. Some handyman firms provide a fixed charge, but always get a price before employing them.

Electrical Contractor or Handyman Services on Emergency Call

If you need an electrical contractor or handyman right away, they will almost certainly charge you more than usual. You can try to fix it yourself, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals if you don’t know how.

Quotation by an Expert Handyman or Electrical Contractor in Singapore

A handyman would undoubtedly charge more than an electrician or plumber because they are skilled in a variety of tasks. So, if you have a single problem, don’t call a handyman; instead, call an electrical contractor, a plumber, or an expert who can assist you. If you have several issues, the finest and most cost-effective solution is to engage with handyman services.

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